SAP Assessors

Campagna have the ability to provide SAP and SBEM calculations in house eradicating the need to organise this service externally.

All new buildings need an energy assessment to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations, there are two distinct procedures used, depending upon the building type.


Domestic Dwellings


SAP Calculations, using the Standard Assessment Procedure are produced to show whether or not the proposed dwelling will comply with the Building Regulations and on completion an Energy Performance Certificate is required which shows the energy rating of the dwelling for the information of prospective purchasers or occupiers.  All new dwellings must have these Certificates whether they are for sale or rent.


The EPC’s are included in our fees for SAP Calculations


There are various factors which are assessed during these processes i.e. :-


· Level of Insulation and proposed materials

· Ventilation and Air Conditioning Proposals

· Fuels used to heat and cool the building

· Efficiency of proposed Heating System

· Size of Window areas – important to assess solar gain


We use the drawings and specifications produced as part of the overall design package to produce the assessments. 


Using in house qualified surveyors, Campagna can provide these certificates as part of our Approved Inspector Service, or as a stand alone service if preferred. However if both services are commissioned, then it is likely that the economies of scale will produce cost savings.