What are the Building Regulations?

They are standards of performance laid down by government, dealing with the construction of buildings and installation of some services to ensure the Health and Safety of people in or about buildings.


What is an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are private sector companies who have been approved by government to provide building control services. Approved Inspectors are governed by the Building Act and related regulations and government issued procedural guidance and regulated by the Construction Industry Council. As a result, the general format of building control services is the same for Approved Inspectors and Local Authority Building Control.

As a result of the implementation of approved inspectors and private sector building control the way building control is provided is ever changing. This is mainly driven by the desire of approved inspectors to provide a professional service and ensure compliance, whilst maintaining a practical and reasonable approach.

How does the process work?

Once appointed, Campagna sends an Initial Notice to the Local Authority, which informs them of the Campagna’s appointment as the Approved Inspector. From this point the Local Authority has no responsibility for inspecting your project or checking your plans.

If you have detailed building plans Campagna will check these plans for compliance with the Building Regulations and liase with you or your architect should any amendments be needed.

Once work starts, Campagna will inspect the works at various stages throughout the project to monitor progress and to give support to the builder and the homeowner to see that reasonable steps have been taken to comply with The Building Regulations throughout the build.

Upon satisfactory completion of your project, Campagna will issue a Final Certificate confirming compliance with the Regulations.


Is Planning Approval the same as Building Control Approval?

No - planning Approvals cover such areas as architectural design, environmental impact, traffic issues etc.

Building Control covers health and safety issues, fire precautions, energy conservation and disabled access and use of buildings.


Do I need both approvals?

Not always, you can carry out some extensions etc under “permitted development” which do not need planning permission. You should check this with the Local Planning Officer.


Do I need building regulations to make alterations to my home or business premises?

Yes, you may need building regulations approval to carry out alterations to your building,


Examples include:

  • The construction and extension of buildings.

  • Removal of internal load bearing walls, Joists, Beams or Chimney Breasts

  • install a bathroom that will involve plumbing

  • Conversions of a garage or Loft to habitable space

  • Replacement of windows and doors in an existing property

  • replacement roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs

The above is only an example, please check with Campagna for a more qualified answer.


Do I need plans for building regulations approval?

Not always, you can build without plans, provided that your works are to a domestic premises and are not over 3 storeys in height. This is called the Building Notice procedure.

If you are over this height or if your project has a commercial element then you must submit detailed plans.  This is the Full Plans procedure and you will receive a Plan Approval for your project.

Do I need to make an application to install replacement windows?

Yes, as from 1 April 2002 replacement windows are now classed as building works.  There are two ways you can comply with this:

  • Use an installer who is registered with FENSA.

More information is available on the Fensa website. - www.fensa.org.uk

  • Submit an application to us via the “Request a quote” page

Please note this is replacement windows and doors to an existing property. 


Do I need to pay a fee to obtain building regulations approval?

Yes, there be charges payable to obtain building regulations approval, the fee will depend on the type of work you wish to carry out. 

Are fees payable to obtain building regulations approval?

Yes, the fee will be based upon the size and type of works you are proposing.


How long does the application process take?

We aim to quote all applications within 3 days. If you would like us to quote for your building project please visit the “Request a quote” page, or call 01745 889653


Once I have submitted an application when can I start work?

Once you have accepted your quote, we will serve the Initial Notice on your Local Authority. This must be done at least 5 working days before you wish to start work. If work has already started, we are unable to serve notice and you will have to contact your Local Authority Building Control.


What if work has been carried out on my property without a Building regulations application

being submitted?

Work carried out without an application submitted is classed as illegal until a Regularisation application is made. This can be issued on all works, as far back as 1985, and will provide the applicant with a formal certificate that can be produced if the property is sold. Regularisation can only be undertaken by your Local Authority Building Control.


How long are Initial Notices valid for?

The Initial Notice is valid for 3 years from the date of acceptance. If works have not started within this period a new application is required.


What is a Completion Certificate?

This is an official document issued when a satisfactory final inspection has been made by a building control officer.  Keep the certificate in a safe place as you will need it when you sell your property to prove work was carried out to the satisfaction of the Approved Inspector.


If I submit an application will the Building Control Officer tell me how to carry out the work?

No, we are always willing to give advice you should not expect to the Building Control as a substitute for an Architect or Designer. If you or your builder does not have a good knowledge of all relevant Building Regulations we would strongly advise that you use the Full Plans procedure rather than the Building Notice procedure.

Can my neighbour  object to my Building Regulations Application?

No, your neighbour cannot object to Building Regulation Applications.

However, they can become involved if Planning permission is required or The Party Wall Act applies.

We cannot act as a Clerk of Works. If you require more detailed inspections of your project, you are advised to employ a Chartered Surveyor in this capacity.

Can you recommend a Builder or Architect?

We are unable to recommend specific builders or architects. Further information can be found on the following websites:

National Federation of Builders - www.builders.org.uk

The Federation of Master Builders - www.fmb.org.uk

Royal Institute of British Architects - www.architecture.com